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Rock Maze

Shift Perceptions so You can Move Forward with Ease and Joy

Theta Healing

Welcome to Coaching with Lucia. I am a certified Life Coach. I am able to shift your perceptions, feelings, and thoughts using Theta healing.

Rock Maze

About Me

The Journey

Lucia is an empath. Empaths are  individuals that are aware of other peoples emotions to the point that they take on other peoples feelings. They can sense when people are sad,  in pain, and what they are thinking before they speak .  They can sense peoples feelings behind their words, and why they have certain behaviours.

Our Available Services

Release Limiting Beliefs

Energy Healing with Lucia has the services to give you a positive outlook on life.

Theta Healing Therapy

Limiting Perceptions

Due to your upbringing you may have limiting perceptions, thoughts, and feelings about yourself.  These self limiting perceptions maybe affecting your present life.  You maybe feel unhappy in your relationships and career.

Using Theta Healing I can shift your mindset to find the different possibilities. Theta is a type of brain wave.  You are in a dream like state when you are in theta.  It's a type of meditation. When you are in theta state I will ask you a series of questions to find out what your core beliefs, thoughts, and feelings are and shift them. You will have a better understanding how you developed those limiting perceptions so you find balance, and inner peace. Whatever we discuss during our session will be held in strictest confidence.

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